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Where's Our Submarine - Get The Kindle Edition Here!
Sam is dangerous - very dangerous. So if anyone can stop ZETA, it's got to be 'Our Sam, Danger Man'

The Blooter Boys - Get The Kindle Edition Here!
David is in training for the Best Bottom Burp Championships - the 3Bs. Everything is going according to plan (and planning is something that David and the Blooter Boys are good at) until they discover someone else has plans of their own. Can the Blooter Boys save the day? Can David still win the 3Bs?

The Magical TV - Get The Kindle Edition Here!
Caitlin's birthday turns out to be quite memorable as she is given her dream present but it turns out to have some features she wasn't expecting. Join Caitlin and Patch on an adventure involving Vampires, Monsters and Coca-Cola! Can she defeat the evil that surrounds her and find a way back to the safety of her own bed?

Adventures Of A Cabin Boy - Get The Kindle Edition Here!
Nathan is seeking adventure on the high seas with Captain Stark and the crew of The Star Anise. But he gets more than he bargained for when they meet Captain Rumbelly!

Secrets About Fairies
Emily & Kyle embark on a fairy adventure which sees them tackling giant spiders, fairy-eating fish and fire-breathing dragons. Can they retrieve the Crystal Wings and give them back to their rightful owner, the Fairy King? More importantly, can they stop the arranged marriage of their new-found fairy friend to Jack Frost? And what about that messy bedroom?

Short Corners, Long Memories Short Corners, Long Memories - Get The Kindle Edition Here!
Short Corners, Long Memories is a history of East Antrim Hockey Club, 1902-2002.