Provides classes for policy service.


Interface Summary
PasswordPolicyFactory Factory for password policy service object family.
PasswordPolicyService Provides features to enable password value conformance check and synchonization against externally defined policies.
PolicyServiceConnection Represents a low level connection to the actual password policy service provider.
PolicyServiceMessage Representation of password policy request and response messages.
PolicyServiceRequest Policy Service request message type
PolicyServiceResponse Policy Service response message type.

Class Summary
PasswordPolicyServiceBuilder Builder or policy factory objects.
PolicyServiceMessage.ServiceOp Typesafe enum type defintion for valid password policy request operations.

Exception Summary
MalformedResponseException Exception type indicating error related to response parsing or processing.
PasswordSynchException Exception type thrown when password synchronization fails.
PolicyConnectionException Exception type indicating error related to password policy connection.
PolicyInitializationException Exception type indicating the password policy subsystem failed to initialization, e.g.

Package Description

Provides classes for policy service.