Uses of Class

Packages that use Factories Provides classes that implement the reading and writing of the Tivoli Directory Integrator configuration components. 

Uses of Factories in

Subclasses of Factories in
 class ALMappingFactory
          Implements the reading and writing of a ALMappingConfig
 class AssemblyLineFactory
          This class implements the reading and writing of a AssemblyLineConfig in XML format.
 class BranchingFactory
          Read/write BranchingConfig and BranchCondition elements in XML format.
 class CheckpointFactory
          Deprecated. Checkpoint/restart is deprecated.
 class ConnectorFactory
          Read/write ConnectorConfig and children elements in XML format.
 class ContainerFactory
          Read/write ContainerConfig elements in XML format
 class ExtPropFactory
          Deprecated. ExternalProperties are deprecated.
 class FolderFactory
          Read/write MetamergeFolder elements in XML format.
 class FormFactory
          Read/write FormConfig elements in XML format.
 class FunctionFactory
          Read/write FunctionConfig elements in XML format.
 class HookFactory
          Read/Write HookConfig elements in XML format
 class InstanceFactory
          Read/Write InstanceConfig elements in XML format.
 class LibraryFactory
          Read/Write LibraryConfig elements in XML format.
 class LoggingFactory
          Read/Write LogConfig elements in XML format.
 class LogItemFactory
          Read/Write LogConfigItem elements in XML format.
 class LoopFactory
          Read/Write LoopConfig elements in XML format.
 class NamespaceFactory
          Read/Write NamespaceConfig elements in XML.
 class ParserFactory
          Read/Write ParserConfig elements in XML
 class PropertyFactory
          Read/Write PropertyConfig elements in XML
 class PropertyStoreFactory
          Read/Write PropertyManager elements in XML
 class ReconnectFactory
          Read/write a ReconnectConfig.
 class SandboxFactory
          Read/Write SandboxConfig elements in XML.
 class SchedulerFactory
 class SchemaFactory
          Read/Write SchemaConfig elements in XML.
 class ScriptFactory
          Read/Write ScriptConfig elements in XML.
 class SequenceFactory
 class SimulationFactory
          Read/Write SimulationConfig elements in XML
 class SolutionInterfaceFactory
          Read/Write SolutionInterface elements in XML.
 class TombstonesFactory
          Read/Write TombstonesConfig elements in XML.

Fields in declared as Factories
 Factories Factories.parent
          Parent of this factory.

Fields in with type parameters of type Factories
static Hashtable<String,Factories> Factories.classMap
          Tags / class mapping

Methods in that return Factories
static Factories Factories.getFactory(String tag)