The House That Jackie Built

Saturday, 9 April 2011
I still haven't opened the Champagne - mainly because I keep looking at the accounts spreadsheet and spend too much time scratching the head pondering when we get our financial lives back into a fit state. Building a house is an expensive operation and banks don't make it easy.

We've been living in our dream home for a week now and bits are continually being added. The kitchen is wicked (although the boiler tap and the wine cooler take the wickedness to a new level).

Lighting-wise, we have uplighters, downlighters, sidelighters, floodlighters and all other sorts of lighting shenanigans. The latest lighting to be installed is the rope lighting:

You need to excuse the clothes horse and the patio furniture - we still haven't decided on a sofa for this room!

Our fabulous hall light has also had bulbs inserted - finally. It's tricky taking photos of lights when your technical ability doesn't stretch to working the camera properly, but here's what I managed to capture:

And for a full frontal - with digger and workmen performing the finishing touches:

Of course, it's been quiet for the past week as we haven't had an internet connection in the house. That all changed today courtesy of Virginmedia. We are online once more and have the HD experience to finally look forward to. We just don't have a decent television right now! The house was CAT6 enabled and this is the performance we are getting from the LAN:

Now... that's gotta be pleasing! They promised me a 50mb broadband package and I'm getting 49.95 at the far end of my house through the LAN.

And finally... it really is about time that this blog was "archived". There really won't be any more to say as we have now moved in. It has been hard work, expensive, stressful but worth it. It really wouldn't have happened without the dedication/devotion shown by Jackie - after all, I spend 5/7ths of my time away from home and in a state which renders me useless at making decisions. It's the house that Jackie built and I won't ever be able to thank her enough for what she has done over the last 20 months.

Until the next adventure folks...