Water Tightness

Friday, 29 October 2010
I managed to pay a site visit mid-week for the first time in 5 weeks today and was half-expecting little change to have been made over the last week. I was pleasantly surprised.

The roof membrane has been applied and the battens are in place ready for the slates. The Velux windows are all in place too and the roofer was on-site doing his "roofing" business on the flat roof at the rear of the house. It seemed like too good an opportunity to let pass, so despite my lack of head of heights, I climbed the scaffolding to take a look at the flat roof:

So we shall be water-tight very soon which must mean we are in for some tough decision making in the next few weeks.

I wasn't alone during my visit either. I took Rachel with me, my nine-year old daughter. I took her to see her bedroom and asked her what she thought of it. "Not bad" she replied. I took her to see her younger sister's bedroom and asked her what she though of it. "Could be better" she replied. I didn't ask her any further questions!

BTW - here are the slates:

The Master Bedroom

Tuesday, 19 October 2010
Our master bedroom looks huge!

I managed to haul my lardy behind up the scaffolding to take a look at it and was totally gobsmacked. That was until I realised that the far end of the room would be taken up with an en-suite and dressing room. And that the near side of the room would actually be given over to a "laundry" room. And that really the room wasn't going to be big at all.

Even so... it should still be quite impressive:

The next big step though is to put the tiles on the roof - should that be slates? Probably slates. In fact, that decision seems to be holding up the project just now but rest assured, the decision will be made within minutes.... slate! Probably. Maybe!

Roof Insulation Update

Sunday, 10 October 2010
The problem with working away from home is that I only get to see changes to our home at the weekend. Sometimes that's a good thing though as I get to see dramatic changes rather than wondering what has happened during the preceding few hours.

This weekend, I was treated to the view of a roof which is starting to look like a proper roof in that insulation has been inserted between the rafters and another layer of insulation attached "above" the rafters. To me, it looks super-insulated (especially when compared with the void that exists in my current home).

The hall is also starting to look impressive from the inside. Maybe it is tricky to imagine with all the scaffolding still in-situ. What do you think?

Apparently we are quite close to being water-tight which will be fantastic. But that kind of progress brings other complications. It's now time for us to make some decisions like where the power points are going; where the ethernet points are going; where the lights are going; what colour of window frame we will be having. And, of course, deciding on the location of power points around the house requires that room layouts are decided. And we need to have that decision making process completed ASAP. Today, ideally.

What a difference err.... 6 days makes!

Monday, 4 October 2010
Well, it transpires now that our "buyers" for number 34 have not completely walked away. Now it appears that if we fix the "problems", they might still be interested! Might have been nice to have known that a few days ago.

We are getting a copy of the surveyors report on Wednesday and then we need to open our already stretched wallets and spend some money....