We're Banking on it!

Wednesday, 25 November 2009
Well, we signed on the dotted line and I posted the mortgage application forms to the bank. Pity I didn't put a stamp on it (just realised as it dropped into the post box) . After a week it hadn't arrived and we had to call in in-person to re-sign. Anyway - job's a good one and we've got some money to pay for the house!

Now we're just playing the waiting game.... solicitor and architect....can't wait to get started!

Design Struggles

Sunday, 8 November 2009
"It would be good to have a pool table somewhere" I said. "And where are we putting the piano?"

Innocent comments you would think, but they lead straight to "Stress City". Where, indeed, are we going to put the piano and where can we squeeze in a pool table. 3D Home Planning software hasn't really helped us lay things out in a manner which makes us thing "Yes - That's what we want!"

"I want to be able to work in the kitchen AND look out at the garden."

Sounds reasonable.

"I want a walk-in larder."


"I want the living space in the extension to be beside the all-glass wall."

Yup. Got that one.

"I want a pool table."

"I want."

"I want."

Does this mean we have to extend further (with the obvious increase in costs)? Or do we have to sacrifice the downstairs utility room/larder combo? Or do we have to "cram" things in? Or is there another way to achieve everything that is on our wish list?

This may be one for the architect - we've hit an inspiration-free zone this weekend.

Talk of the architect reminds me that at least the hosue has been measured up for the production of the current plans. So progress is being made.

In other news, however, I seem to be struggling to find an insurer who will insure the building during the construction phase. Most companies are refusing to provide a quotation. Aviva stated that 30 days of non-occupancy would prevent them from quoting, for example. Must start phoning round some insurers this week.

Financing The Deal

Tuesday, 3 November 2009
It's nice dealing with people who are eager to help and I do understand the give-and-take nature of dealing with suppliers. They're nice to me. I give them business. To use a well-worn phrase, "simples".

Yesterday was a day for ensuring that my supplier of financers for my project was dealt with and what a painless process that was. Admittedly the meeting took about an hour longer than I was expecting but I'm terrible for underestimating these things.

By comparison, however, I wasn't expecting the following:

The bank, rightly, wanted an independent valuation of the property and we had a phone call from the aforementioned valuer as we were driving home from our meeting with the bank. That sounds very efficient to me! The valuer arrived at the property three hours after the bank meeting and took all of ten minutes to give the property the once over (and his blessing).

So, all that is now required (I believe) is a signature somewhere along a dotted line.

Now, if only the minor "issuette" surrounding the title deeds of the property can be sorted! Oh, and the architect finds the time to come and measure up. Oh, and we can find a builder who can perform the necessary in the required timeframe at the right price.