Wish List 1

Friday, 29 January 2010
It's just a list:

  • underfloor heating in extension
  • underfloor heating in hall (not sure if possible)
  • wood / multifuel stove in kitchen with back boiler
  • dont think we can have a pressurised water system due to poor water flow/pressure issues, so pumps for showers
  • large hot water tank
  • best insulation in roof/walls possible
  • central heating - I'm thinking gas. Boiler in utility room.
  • gas fire in front sitting room, gas hob in kitchen
  • central vacuum system
  • sound insulation in upstairs laundry and hot press (re. pumps)

There's probably more...

Plans Submitted For Approval

Monday, 4 January 2010
It's definitely the quiet stage of the project. Very little is happening and lots of people keep asking "how's the house coming along".

Today, however, sees the plans being submitted for approval by the powers-that-be. Cheques have been forwarded and funds moved around the various bank accounts to ensure they don't bounce (which would be embarrassing).

Maybe it is time to get on with the working drawings and draw up a short-list of builders!

In the meantime, there have been demands made by the little people within the family. Four poster beds seem high up on their priority list. My needs are rather simple in comparison - give me a pool table and a dart board and I'll be a happy chappy. Oh... and CAT6 cabling around the house. And media players in every room. And plenty of room for the Wii players. Maybe their demands aren't so bad after all.