The other 'alf

Tuesday, 8 December 2009
I love the plans the architect has come up with. It will be really beautiful!

We have looked closely at them over the weekend and have no real major issues (cos it's just what we wanted!) I think however a few pictures would help to show what I am imagining.

I really don't like rooms with no windows so I imagine the dressing room to be a bit like this.... the torso wouldn't be a deal breaker..

This is kind of how I saw the stairs - for me, almost nothing is more.. This is another imagining.. if only two of us lived there it might be feasible but I can see smudgy finger prints everywhere... This is beautiful though.

Still waiting for the other 'alf's ideas/vision.

What If

Tuesday, 8 December 2009
The suspense over the last 2 weeks has been almost too much. Waiting to see what our "dream" home will actually look like after the architect had pulled together a set of plans has been quite tough. And the plans are everything we expected them to be.


The "what ifs" have started...

For example, the stairs are as we expected but we aren't now sure if the stairs should have a "solid" back, or glass sides, or open tread. A solid back would allow us to "hide" away coats and boots and school bags. The glass and open-tread options would (potentially) be more stunning but less practical!

The dressing room has no natural light (as it is a walk-in wardrobe, to be honest). There is a strong desire from one half of the client pairing to put a slightly tilted Velux-style window in the ceiling of the dressing room!

And on the subject of light, the same half of the client pairing would like a window in the utility room, even if it is opaque.

And then there are the minor details. Will the new fireplace in the extension be capable of supporting a back boiler and the installation of a wood/multi-fuel stove? Does the walk-in larder need to be insulated to ensure it stays cool? Will there be enough light in the front bedroom? Do we need to decide on the colour of the window frames for planning approval? Black? Dark Grey? How do the doors work in the Master Bedroom and Kitchen (as they seem to be width and a half)? Are the windows in the Master Bedroom full height?

And then there are the cost issues. We are still furiously trying to estimate the total cost. Does the use of Zinc for part of the roof add a significant cost? How much will all that glass at the front of the hall cost?

Much to discuss and get decided.

The plans reflect our vision. But our vision is constantly evolving. That evolution, however, needs to come to a close ASAP. No show-stoppers though and everything is looking pretty cool (and the gang) so far.