I don't like doing the "post an album every day for 20 days" thing on Facebook. I'd rather get it over and done with in one hit. So here are my favourite albums that shaped me as I grew up.

There is an order to these - though putting them in order was very difficult. The order is basically a mixture of how fabulous I think the album is and when I first heard it. An album full of bangers goes to the top of the list. My formative years were spent listening to Simon & Garfunkel and Jeff Wayne - these were played an inordinate amount of times in the car by my parents. (As was The Fureys but they missed the cut!)

Any way - this is the list. I make no apologies. I think these are awesome. And I know there are many albums that didn't make the cut. I struggled with some Pink Floyd, AC/DC, Queen, Erasure, Iron Maiden. They missed out!