Provides classes for the Tivoli Directory Integrator core engine.


Interface Summary
AssemblyLine.AssemblyLineListener This interface is for internal use only.
BindAddressPolicy This interface provides basic methods for obtaining bind addresses.
CheckpointRestartInterface Deprecated. We no longer support Checkpoint/restart
ConfigInstanceListener This interface is for internal use only.
Listenable<ListenerT> This interface is for internal use only.
RS.ConfigInstanceNamingPolicy A policy which defines how configuration instances are named.
RSInterface The top level Thread is an instance of this class, called the main object.
ThreadSafeListenableImpl.ThrowingVisitor<ListenerT> Visitor of listeners.
ThreadSafeListenableImpl.Visitor<ListenerT> Visitor of listeners.
Validator Performs some kind of validation over a BaseConfiguration.
VersionInfoInterface This interface is implemented by classes providing version information.

Class Summary
ALState This class contains the main steps of the AssemblyLine execution.
AssemblyLine This class represents a IBM Tivoli Directory Integrator AssemblyLine.
AssemblyLineComponent This class is used by the AssemblyLine (AssemblyLine) to wrap a Connector object and provide additional functionality over the underlying Connector object.
AssemblyLinePool This class implements a pool of AssemblyLines.
AttributeMapComponent This class is used by the AssemblyLine, it contains a standalone Attribute map
BindAddressPolicyImpl This class takes responsibility for providing information about default.
BranchingComponent This class is used by the AssemblyLine for branches
Compare This class is used for making comparisons of entries and attributes.
ConnectorMode This class represents the mode of a Connector, giving it information how to operate.
ConnectorPool This class is a pool for connectors.
ControlProcesses This class has the ability to start, stop and return AssemblyLines.
CopyRight The copyright notice for binary java code required by legal.
CSDeltaTaskComponent This class represents a component extending the functionality of the AssemblyLineComponent.
EndBranchComponent The EndBranchComponent is an internal component that is associated with a BranchComponent.
EndLoopComponent This class is used by the Assemblyline to mark the end of a loop
FileConfig This class parses configurations from .inf files.
FIPSCompliantMode This is the main class which enables the Federal Information Processing Standard(FIPS) in IBM Tivoli Directory Integrator.
FunctionComponent This is a wrapper class for IBM Tivoli Directory Integrator Function Components.
JobStatus This class marks the moment when an object of its is created.
Log The Log object is used to log messages to logs.
Log.InternalLogger A collection of loggers.
LoopComponent This class is used by an AssemblyLine to mark the beginning of a loop
Monitor This class is the base class for all IBM Tivoli Directory Integrator classes which implement executable objects, like AssemblyLines.
ReconnectRuleEngine This class decides what to do when a connector raises an error.
ResourceHash Utility class for locating NLS strings.
RS This is the main class for the TDI Server, and represents the primary thread from which all others are launched, including AssemblyLines and Server mode listeners.
RS.DefaultConfigInstanceNamingPolicy The default naming policy.
Scheduler This class schedules an AssemblyLine to be run, either at specified times, or as soon as the previous run finishes.
ScriptComponent This class is used by the AssemblyLine for scripts.
SearchCriteria This class contains a list of generic search criteria and methods to generate them.
SearchCriteria.rscSearch This class is used internally.
ServerSocketFactoryEX This class provides methods for getting both and objects.
StashFile This class implements a command line utility for creating and reading stash files.
SwitchComponent This class is used by an AssemblyLine
TaskCallBlock The TaskCallBlock (TCB) is used by a caller to set a number of parameters for an AssemblyLine.
ThreadSafeListenableImpl<ListenerT> This class is for internal use only.
Trace This class uses a PDLogger to log messages when AssemblyLines and their elements pass through different stages (thus creating a trace of their work).
ValidationIssue The class represents issues related to design-time validation of some aspect of a TDI Component.
Version This class is used for retrieving version information.

Exception Summary
ValidationException Exception that show problem during validation.

Package Description

Provides classes for the Tivoli Directory Integrator core engine.