Class SSHConnection

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public class SSHConnection
extends ConnectionImpl

This class encapsulates the RXA library's SSH Connection related objects

Field Summary
protected  Object[] args
          To be used in logged messages
static String TYPE
          The connection protocol being used
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Constructor Summary
SSHConnection(LogProxy log)
          SSHConnection Constructor
Method Summary beginSession()
          Begin a session with the target machine using the SSH protocol
 String getType()
          Return this connection type
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Field Detail


public static final String TYPE
The connection protocol being used

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Constant Field Values


protected Object[] args
To be used in logged messages

Constructor Detail


public SSHConnection(LogProxy log)
SSHConnection Constructor

log - LogProxy for logging
Method Detail


public beginSession()
                                                      throws RemoteConnectException
Begin a session with the target machine using the SSH protocol

Specified by:
beginSession in interface Connection
Specified by:
beginSession in class ConnectionImpl
RemoteAccess The RXA connection object


public String getType()
Return this connection type

Specified by:
getType in interface Connection
Specified by:
getType in class ConnectionImpl
String The connection protocol used for this connection.