Class DominoAdminPConnector

  extended by
      extended by
          extended by
All Implemented Interfaces:
ConnectorInterface, VersionInfoInterface, Runnable

public class DominoAdminPConnector
extends DominoConnector

This connector is used for sending Administration Process requests to a Domino server.

Field Summary
protected static String myName
          The string name of the Component.
Fields inherited from class
Fields inherited from class
Constructor Summary
          Constructor for the DominoAdminPConnector object
Method Summary
protected  void inner_initialize(Object o)
          This is an internal method used during connector's initialization.
 Object querySchema(Object source)
          This function translates to whatever means a connector has to discover schema for a connection.
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Field Detail


protected static final String myName
The string name of the Component.

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Constant Field Values
Constructor Detail


public DominoAdminPConnector()
Constructor for the DominoAdminPConnector object

Method Detail


protected void inner_initialize(Object o)
                         throws Exception
This is an internal method used during connector's initialization. It is created in order to have only one thread accessing the Domino database

inner_initialize in class DominoConnector
o - ignored
Exception - An exception is thrown if this method fails.


public Object querySchema(Object source)
                   throws Exception
This function translates to whatever means a connector has to discover schema for a connection. The connector may implement this, in which case a Vector of Entry objects is returned for each column/attribute it discovered. For a database connector this would typically be column names and their attributes.

Each Entry in the Vector returned should contain the following attributes:

Name Value
name The name of the column/attribute/field ....
syntax The syntax or expected value type
size If specified this will give the user a hint as to how long the field may be

Specified by:
querySchema in interface ConnectorInterface
querySchema in class Connector
source - The object on which to discover schema. This may be an Entry or a string value
A Vector of objects describing each entity
Exception - if an error while retrieving the schema occurs.
See Also:
Entry, Vector