Provides the interfaces for the Tivoli Directory Integrator configuration model.


Interface Summary
ALMappingConfig The configuration for an AssemblyLine Attribute Map Component.
AssemblyLineConfig The configuration for an AssemblyLine.
AttributeMapConfig The configuration for an AttributeMap (used in components of the AssemblyLine).
AttributeMapItem The configuration for a single item in an AttributeMap.
BaseConfiguration This interface provides the basic methods used by all configuration sub-classes.
BranchCondition The configuration for a single BranchCondition in a BranchingConfig.
BranchingConfig The configuration of an AssemblyLine Branch component.
CallConfig Deprecated. This interface is no longer used, we use TaskCallBlock instead.
CallParamConfig Deprecated. This interface is no longer used, we use TaskCallBlock instead.
CheckpointConfig Deprecated. This interface is no longer used, Checkpoint/restart is deprecated.
ConnectorConfig The configuration for a TDI Connector, e.g.
ConnectorSchemaConfig Deprecated. We used SchemaConfig for all schemas now.
ConnectorSchemaItemConfig Deprecated. We use SchemaItemConfig for all Schema Items now.
ContainerConfig A Container containing BaseConfiguration objects.
DeltaConfig A Delta Configuration can be used by a Connector in Iterator mode.
ExposedProperty This interface is used with the SolutionInterface to define exposed properties.
ExternalPropertiesConfig Deprecated. use TDIProperties instead
FormConfig A Form that can be displayed by the Configuration Editor
FormItemConfig One item in a FormConfig
FormSection This interface describes one section in a FormConfig
FunctionConfig The configuration for a TDI Function Component, e.g.
HookConfig The configuration for a single Hook e.g.
HooksConfig The configuration for all the Hooks e.g.
InheritConfig Deprecated. This interface is not used anywhere.
InstanceConfig Configuration for the list of AssemblyLines that will automatically be started when the server is started.
LibraryConfig Configuration for a Library, that is, a java class that is automatically loaded into a Config Instance.
LinkCriteriaConfig The configuration for a Link Criteria in a Connector.
LinkCriteriaItem The configuration for a single item in a LinkCriteriaConfig\
LogConfig The Logging Configuration for e.g.
LogConfigItem The configuration of a single Logger for e.g.
LoopConfig Configuration for a Loop Component in an AssemblyLine.
MetamergeConfig The MetamergeConfig interface specifies the methods used by the IBM Tivoli Directory Integrator to obtain configuration information.
MetamergeConfigChangeListener The methods that must be implemented by a class listening to changes in the configuration.
MetamergeFolder This interface describes the methods provided by a folder object.
NamespaceConfig A configuration object describing another configuration that is included in this configuration.
OperationConfig The Configuration for a single AssemblyLine operation.
OperationsConfig Specifies the basic methods for work with the operations, provided by the AssemblyLine or AssemblyLine object
ParserConfig The configuration for a Parser
PoolDefConfig The configuration for a Connector Pool definition.
PoolInstanceConfig Configuration used by a Connector using a Connector Pool.
PropertyConfig A Configuration that allows some additional properties to be defined.
PropertyManager A PropertyManager manages the Property Stores.
PropertyStoreConfig The configuration for a single Property Store.
RawConnectorConfig A Configuration containing the parameters for a Connector.
RawFunctionConfig A configuration containing the parameters for a Function used in a Function Component.
ReconnectConfig Information about Reconnect for a Connector
ReconnectRuleConfig A configuration object that describes a single reconnect rule.
SandboxConfig Describes how to do record and playback for an AssemblyLine
SchedulerConfig Configuration for a scheduler that will run an AssemblyLine/Sequence.
SchemaConfig Describes a Schema, the information about which which fields are available or needed when reading from or writing to e.g.
SchemaItemConfig Describes an item from the schema
ScriptConfig The configuration for a Script Component in an AssemblyLine
SimulationConfig This class is used to configure the AssemblyLine's simulation mode.
SolutionInterface This interface provides access to the Solution interface settings of a configuration.
TombstonesConfig Used for configuring Tombstones.
ValidatorConfig A validator configuration that can be provided in the form of the Component.

Class Summary
ConfigUtils This class contains a utility method for creating a configuration object.
DefaultConfigChangeListener A utility class that implements MetamergeConfigChangeListener, and does nothing when an event is received.
ExternalPropertiesDelegator Deprecated. Use TDIProperties instead.
MetamergeConfigChange A class describing a change that has happened to the configuration.
MetamergeConfigFactory The MetamergeConfigFactory class provides a number of static methods for use by applications to obtain MetamergeConfig objects.
NamespaceEvent Deprecated. This was used by the old Configuration Editor.
Search Deprecated.  
TDIProperties This class provides access to the property stores defined for a specific configuration instance.
TDIPropertyStore Represents a property store

Exception Summary
InheritanceLoopException An Exception used to signal a loop in the inheritance chain of a BaseConfiguration object.

Package Description

Provides the interfaces for the Tivoli Directory Integrator configuration model.